Saturday, February 12, 2011

So. Cool.

I asked Lili the other day... do you want to make Valentines or do you want to buy them? I secretly hoped she would say "buy" because I really didn't want the 4 hours of craft time to make them. But she said "make", and I should be proud of her for wanting to, but still. So yesterday she made 2. Out of the 31(!) that we need to make for preschool. And I thought, oh my. This is going to be a process.

And then, one of my favorite bloggers saved my life! Grosgrain did a little tutorial on the coolest. valentine. ever. I'll also credit the original designer of this little ingenious card.

Amazing! And the "love" PJs she is wearing? Just a coincidence. I definitely don't plan those kinds of things. Obviously.


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