Monday, February 14, 2011

Fastest Valentine Ever!

I think if I were a preschool teacher I would not love Valentines day. All the sorting of many many valentines into those different hideous crafted mailboxes. It would drive me a little crazy.

When we got to school today and started placing all the cool valentines into their respective boxes, I noticed a "teacher" box. Which I think is unfair because they didn't write that on the list of cards we were supposed to bring! I jest. I think it is totally fair for the teachers to get valentines too because we do love them, after all. So quick like a rabbit, here is the fastest valentine ever, because I had to make them in the hour between drop off and the class party this morning:

That's right! SEW IT. When it doubt, SEW IT. Using my lovely rainbow thread, a dull needle in the machine and an error friendly zigzag stitch, sew a heart onto a blank card. Make it a gift they can re-use. Call it a day. Or at least a morning!


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