Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rainbow Pillow

May I present.... The Rainbow Pillow (psst! It's reversible!) looking for the tutorial? click here.

You might think from this blog that I am obsessed with rainbows. While I do like them quite a bit, I think Lili's influence on me really shows in the things I make. Or maybe I am just a very colorful person and don't really acknowledge it yet.

In any case, this pillow is very much inspired by the girls. I wanted to make a pillow for the Blogger's Pillow Party over on Stitched in Color, but I've never made a pillow before! Not hard, I know, but coming up with an idea was key. And then inspiration hit. Here's the breakdown of how my brain worked on it...

The girls adore their lovies that I made out of cuddle fleece. Lili likes rainbows. I bet a rainbow would look good on a pillow. Oooh, and I could make a cloud out of the fuzzy fleece! Oh! I could make a cloud on one side, and the rainbow over the other! And so on until it evolved.

I used alot of new to me techniques on this:

Rainbow thread (Sulky brand) - it was oh so fine to work with.
Heat n Bond - I used it to applique everything I sewed on. No messing with pins. Now I find out there's some kind of spray on basting adhesive that washes away that would have been better, but the Heat n Bond was fun to work with.
"Quilting" - pseudo, I think. Anyway, I peiced together fabric and it looks quilt-like.
Sewing curves together! - For more on this feature, check out the tutorial.

Other notes:
Pillow forms from IKEA. So inexpensive.
I could've done a better job on the invisible zipper, but man, I really wanted to finish it up fast. I also made it fully lined on the inside (just like a Lil Cutie), so no visible fraying when I wash it.

I've posted the tutorial here, with more notes on the creation, so check it out!

And if you're interested in joining in, or just seeing the other pillows being posted, check out the Pillow Party:

Blogger's Pillow Party


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