Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rainbow Pillow Tutorial

Here's the tutorial for the Rainbow Pillow I made: (for the story on the pillow as well as pretty pictures of both sides, click here)

This is a great scrap buster (to use up various bits and peices of fabric you have laying around), or as I did, a stash builder (to buy up lots of fabric to build up your "stash"). I bought 1/4 yards of every color of the rainbow (times two!) but only used a wee bit of each to create the rainbow.

20"x20" Pillow Form
21" cut of blue corduroy (at least 42" wide)
1/4 yard (or more) white snuggle fleece
1/2 yard Heat n Bond lite
Various scraps of the colors of the rainbow
Rainbow thread (the Sulky brand was so silky and wonderful to work with)
Invisible zipper same color as corduroy
thread the color of the corduroy
Liner fabric, if desired

Wash and dry all the fabrics you're using.
Cut the corduroy into 21" x 21" squares. You need two - one for the front of the pillow, and one for the back. If you want your pillow tight, you can cut it as far down as 19" x 19".
First we're going to make the "back" of the pillow, the fluffy cloud and raindrops.

Freehand cut out the cloud from the fleece. Attach HeatNBond to the fabric you're using for raindrops (I used some flannel scraps), and freehand cut out some raindrops. Add some strips of HeatNBond around the edge of the back of the cloud. Arrange and iron on the raindrops.
Sew raindrop appliques on with the zigzag stitch on your machine. Use same color thread as the corduroy. Widest stitch, very short stitch length. Arrange and iron on the cloud. Switch to the rainbow thread on the top, zig zag on the cloud. Done with that side. (Isn't the rainbow around the cloud just lovely? A nice touch, but you could also just use the blue thread).
Now onto the "fun" side: the rainbow!
Get a peice of paper, same size as your corduroy blank. Sketch out your vision for the rainbow.
Start cutting your scraps. I cut mine about 3" high, to leave trimming room for the actual curve. Randomize cutting angles, etc.

Arrange scraps along the curve you've drawn, and sew them all together, side by side. Press. You should have a rough curve now, with ragged edges.
Trim up the adjoining edges (red to orange etc) so that they follow almost the same curve.

Sew the two curves together (scary maybe, but the following videos here and here really helped me a lot).

Press.Continue as above for each color of the rainbow. Do not trim the top edge of red, or bottom edge of purple (yet). Do not trim sides (yet).
Place on corduroy and ooh and ahh at the colors.

Now trim all the outside edges, iron under the edges about 1/4", and apply heat n bond around edges and along some of the middle.

Freehand cut a sun if you like. Apply heatnbond to sun, iron to corduroy. Iron rainbow onto corduroy, topstitch over everything. Topstitch inbetween each color if you like, too.

Lastly, cut some liner fabric to the same dims as the corduroy, and sew in a zipper. It's exactly the same as putting together a lil cutie pouch. And makes a nice neat finish.
Oh and last last, put in your cheapo $4 IKEA pillow form! And bask in the glory of your rainbow. Or cuddle up to the cloud. Your choice!

As seen in the Blogger's Pillow Party at Stitched in Color

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