Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No poop, cheez

Mira is quickly asserting her independence, and part of this new found desire for freedom comes alot of language. The problem is, she gets alot of sounds mixed up. Thankfully, she knows some sign language so we can decipher what she means.

Most recently...

"No poop, cheez"

What do you think it means?.................. "More soup, please". But she says it wrong with such conviction!

Sheez = Cheese or Shoes, depending on context
No = no, or more : must see the sign language
Kaka = cracker
ah Ka doe = avocado
poop = poop, grape, soup depending on context
LoLo = Lili
Mama = Mira or Mama : this is very confusing
Dada = Chest or daddy : because Keith always points to himself when he says Dada, so Mira thinks he's pointing to his chest
Cow = Cow (yay! She got one right!)

Lili didn't get a translation post until she was almost 2!! Yay for verbal babies.


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