Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts.... We just got back from a wonderful vacation in Park City, UT. It has been a yearly thing ever since Keith's mom moved there for winter skiing. This year we were there for skiing and the Sundance film festival. Which was a blast. And where we got this picture taken. And if you know my family you know that this picture is classic. Between Keith's total disgust for the commercialism involved and Lili's crazy robot smile it is all around a hilarious picture.

Other highlights...

Lili's capacity for remembering skiing was amazing. She was on the lift within 15 minutes this year. And she loved it. But she has little stamina. Like me, her legs got tired fast and so she didn't ski long.

Speaking of... wow. I am out of shape! But I still had fun on the few runs I took with Keith, with Lili, and on my own. I strive to conquer my fear of getting hurt, which only gets greater every year I get older.

Keith? Still an amazing skiier.

We may need to upgrade our car... The V40 is just so dinky compared to Sue's beautiful VolvoXC. It fit a whole person in the back between the car seats! Mine only seems to fit half of Keith's butt.

Sundance was great this year, mainly because we volunteered and so got in to see shows I actually wanted to see. Look out for Homework in theaters maybe next year - Freddie Highmore and Emma Roberts were so cute as awkward priviledged teens in NYC.

Mira learned to go down stairs while were there. No hands! Just bumps down on her butt.

I'm looking forward already to next year!


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