Friday, December 17, 2010

Yay Mail!

Guess what came in my mail today? You only get one guess.... Fabric!

I made my first online purchase of fabric (well, that's not exactly true - I've purchased PUL online in the past), and I squeal with glee because it came today! Is it not gorgeous? Through all my online browsing of craft and quilt blogs I have discovered that I really really like MODA fabric. They have great colors and funky designs and I don't think I've seen any Moda fabric I don't like. So with a great discount code that I got from Above All Fabric, I bought a little Fat Eighth Bundle of Central Park Fabric. I am, of course, going to make some Cuties with it, but will probably do other things as well - maybe another foray into quilting, who knows? What do you suggest?


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