Monday, December 6, 2010

Rewind 3 years...

Let's go back in time about 3 years...

Okay. Now snap back to present day. Stickers. They never grow old for the very young.

Yes. Mira is wearing Lili's slippers. Because she loves "sheeez".

In other news, Lili had her very first movie theater experience. I took her to see Disney's Tangled. It was lovely, and cute, and I thought not too scary, but we had to leave the theater at one point. When Rapunzel was leaving the tower, Lili turns to be and says "But she's not supposed to leave!". And started crying. Leave it to my rule abiding daughter.


Courtney said...

We saw it on Thanksgiving, since we were guest-less this year, and Benjamin said the same thing about leaving the tower! He's a little rules-guy, too!

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