Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Love Yankee Swap Time

I love Yankee Swap season. It seems to happen around "the holidays", and for my mom's group it is out one big night a year - the most members show up and we have a grand time stealing gifts from one another.

This year I made Kojo design's Tea wreath, stocked with teas from my pantry. It was pretty fun to make, for someone who is not that into papercrafting. I love that it has many uses beyond looking cool - tea, kid's artwork, pretty cards, anything 2 dimensional and hang-able.

I was a little nervous bringing it to the swap, but the person who opened it and kept it really liked it, and another person at the swap would like me to make one for her, so it was a thumbs up.

And here, you have to put up with a ridiculously dorky picture of me with it. If you'd like to see a prettier version (because it really is quite pretty), go to Kojo's website.


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