Monday, November 29, 2010

Zippers - what a racket

I like to sew, you all know that! And I do most of my sewing shopping at JoAnn's. It's easy, it's close. There are coupons. But what do you know? I'm working on a project for Lili's (SIX) teachers and needed (six, duh) zippers. Zippers at JoAnn's are expensive. I bought them anyway, but kept the receipt.

And came home. And went on the great internet search for cheap zippers from someplace I can trust. You know who came through? No big surprise, Etsy!

I found this zipper shop, and I am WAY impressed with the selection! And the reasonable shipping rates. And the fact that I can get a zipper for less than 50c. No way JoAnn can beat that. Lastly, SO GLAD that I can buy an assortment pack. That means I do not have to choose the colors myself. Cuz I take forever making decisions like that. Now I just hope they get here in time for me to return the JoAnn ones!


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