Monday, November 15, 2010

Wall of Art

Lilian is very artistic. It seems she is the right brain and Mira is working the left brain with her penchant for analysis. Anyway, as one visitor to our house put it... "I like how your house is like a shrine to your kid's artwork". And while this is not exactly true (we have not framed any of it, for goodness sakes), we do have lots and lots of Lili work on our walls. Mostly at waist level, as she knows how to get the tape and she is particular about where she places the work.

Most recently, our hallway wall has turned into her personal gallery. I love looking at it when I'm going to the bathroom (with the door open - anyone who is a parent knows what I'm talking about), and as always, I get giggles looking at some of the things she puts up...

Such as the following, just outside our bedroom door:

Because, in case we didn't know... "Good Morning Mom and Dad It is November."


Shelby said...

lol, this put a totally big smile on my face this morning. Kids are so adorable and it is memories like these that you never forget and always remember to tell them about when they are adults! ha ha. Oh, I too know what you mean about the bathroom door. ;)

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