Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pre-Hannukah Post

As I sit wrapping gifts for Hannukah, I have a few (many) thoughts running through my mind...

Wow, it's early this year. Maybe it feels like that every year.

This is the first year we're going to light candles and give a gift every night.

I wonder what the reaction is going to be, from the girl who has become so aware of gift giving over the past year.

I wonder if Mira will notice that she only has 2 gifts to unwrap, and Lili has 8. I wonder if Lili will notice.

Man. My back hurts. I should do this standing at a table instead of hunched over the floor.

More Hanukkah themed wrapping paper would be nice.

I'm so grateful to Omi for helping get the number of Lili gifts right up to 8.

8 gifts is alot. Even if some of them are little, like the cookie cutter, and the headbands.

I kind of wish I was getting 8 gifts. Being a kid is great.

Oh yeah, there's that B&N order coming. Oh, and that Sierra Trading post one too.

I hope that this giving getting family winter love celebration eating happiness pink cheeks season will be wonderful for all.


Ducks and Rabbits said...

I couldn't buy ANY Hannukah fabric where I live in Australia :(. We used brown craft paper and decorated it. I assume my younger baby won't notice the vast discrepancy between the number of gifts she receives versus the older one. It's so hard to find gifts when they have all their older siblings toys!

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