Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't Judge

My little baby is growing up. Mira turned ONE. And now I'm getting all kinds of pressure to take her off the bottle. But you don't understand. She loves the bottle. Yesterday was day one of no bottles during the day. She survived. But today? When I bring out the special sippy cup with milk in it - she starts crying and pushing it away. It's pathetic, really. And so I sit here and wonder... WHY in the HECK am I taking them away from her? Because the Pediatrician Said So. Due to dental issues. Well guess what? I called the pediatric dentist and he said it's no big deal - just brush her teeth before bed and we'll call it good.

But he also said... she'll get used to not having them. That's what everyone says. She'll get used to it. And they're right. In a week it'll probably be part of history, but for now it's just sad. And it's hard to see my baby cry. And so I get it. I get why Suri, at 4 years old, still uses a bottle. And you know what? I'm not gonna judge.


Sue said...

She probably won't want to take her bottle to college. Don't worry. It might help to give her water in her bottle at night. That won't rot her teeth. That's what I did.

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