Friday, November 12, 2010

DIY Bundle Me

Colder weather has hit VT and I know my wiggly baby won't keep a blanket on during a stroller ride, so I was in the market for a toddler bundle me. They're not that expensive - around $50 - so I could have purchased one. But for some reason, I became obsessed with making my own. I think mostly because I found some fabric that I fell in love with and wanted to make something cool out of it.

I definitely didn't save any money on this project; it was about the same in materials as a new one would cost, and it took me a few nights of steady work to complete it. But it was worth it! It turned out just like I had hoped, and Mira loves it especially because the inner fleece lining feels just like her blankie.

This is the first tutorial I've done, so bear with me. This project is for an experienced sew-er familiar with zippers, easy quilting, and buttonholes. It is essentially a glorified sleeping bag :)

Materials: 18-24 inches of each (depending how wide you'd like to make yours) -
Front cotton print, nylon weather resistant layer, polyester batting, and fuzzy fleece interior.
Back fuzzy fleece interior, and heavy duty non pill fleece outer.
2: 32-26" parka zipper or separating zipper, plastic, heavy duty.
You want to use poly batting because it will still insulate when wet. You can omit the nylon, but for winter weather it is good for wind and water resistance. Plastic zipper is a must - the metal can be dangerous in freezing temps.

For the front: cut width x 32" (measure the length of your stroller, along the back, seat, to the end of the footrest to get the total length) of the cotton, nylon, and batting. Layer together and quilt together however you like. I just did diagonal strips.

After it's quilted, layer the fleece lining under it, and cut all the corners rounded however you like (I used a plate as a cut form). Place zippers so that the ends of the zippers meet at the bottom.

Sew the near side half of the zipper inbetween the quilted front and the fleece lining. You'll have to do this wrong sides out, so leave a hole at the top to flip right side out. Check you've done the proper side of the zipper (leaving the outer half of the zipper for the back portion), then sew the top hole shut, right sides out. Now you're done with the front/top peice of the bag.

The back peice is shaped to fit into the seat of the stroller. You'll have to cut a longer peice of lining fleece and backing fleece than the front. Measure your stroller to check. Cut the peices, and cut roughly 10 x 18" triangles for the side gussetts.

Measure your stroller as to where to place the seat gussets, then sew them onto the main fabric, creating a "seat" out of the fleece.

Round the corners of the back peice, and sew the free side of the zipper inbetween the fuzzy liner and the antipill backing fleece, just like for the front section.

Then place the seat peice into your stroller and mark where the straps should come thru. Sew buttonholes at strap locations so that you can thread them through.

Zip the top onto the seat peice, thread thru the straps, and you're ready to go!


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