Monday, October 18, 2010

Supermarket Fail.

Hannaford, how could you do me so wrong?

First, you were out of lasagna noodles. Any and all. How is that possible?

Then, no chicken. I don't mean no chicken at all, but I do not need to buy the 5 lb pack of chicken breasts. All I needed was your basic single family pack. And there were none.

Apples? Empire apples anyone? Hello? Beuller?

And my favorite brand of Mozzerella. The kind that is easy to shred. Nope. The tag is there, but you've put Polly-Ohnoyoudidn't in it's place.

And really. All your salmon looked gross. Making me work out a new meal plan on the fly is not nice.

And to the dirty old man who patted Mira on the head: Do Not Touch Other Peoples' Babies.

I'm never shopping on a Monday morning again.


Along the Ausable said...

Wow! Too funny. I was thinking about you at the grocery store after work because there was no peppermint extract and thought "I wonder if I could convince June to take me to a decent grocery store Wednesday so I could get a few things since all the grocery stores in the Burlington area are way better." Wrong. Very wrong.

Sue said...

Write to Wegmans. Ask them to come to Burlington. You need a Wegmans.

eyeheartorange said...

So funny! But sorry about your dilemma, very frustrating!!! I am in a constant battle with Publix to please order enough cilantro for everyone.

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