Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Present for Simon

You know I don't like to go to a birthday party empty handed.

You also know that I like to make handmade gifts.

So when we were recently invited to a birthday party for one of Lili's preschool friends, I just had to do something. Mostly I want Lilian to know the value of giving to others and I also want her to be able to make something for her friend and see the value of that. So I took a note from some sewing blogs and did something super easy.

Bought a plain shirt from the thrift store, and sewed on cut out peices of kid friendly fabric to personalize it. Lili chose what the cut outs would be, and arranged them on the shirt, and I then sewed them on (I took the liberty of centering her design on the shirt, but she is indeed pattern focused and made the "up down up down up" pattern on her own).

So even though we were instructed to not bring gifts... I guess I don't think this counts because it's clothing and I "made" it with Lili. Think of it as a wearable card, OK?


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