Tuesday, October 26, 2010

P**p. It's a Four Letter Word.

As a new parent, you are prepared to be innundated by p**p. Babies p**p all the time, they say, and it's true. What you might not be prepared for (I wasn't) is that your life can quickly spiral down into the depths of revolving around p**p.

What do I mean? Well, this is my life. I have a baby on day 9? 10? of diarrea. Which in itself is a handful. I'm told by the doc that it can last up to two weeks. So it is, and I can (barely) deal.

Throw in a preschooler who won't p**p, and you've got me over the edge. Who does that? Who purposefully holds in their p**p until they can no longer even sit down? Lots of little kids, apparently. It's a fear thing. It's a control issue. Whatever it is, it is absolutely horrible to see your kid in such discomfort and not be able to help.

So what have I learned... My kids can really put me in a tizzy. Lili is far more stubborn than I originally thought. I really need to work on teaching her to externalize her feelings. And I wish prune juice came in juice box form.


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