Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010 in Summary

Lili spent the morning in her cat costume, primarily because I colored a cat face on her and so she was excited to wear the costume. She got sick of it around 10am and decided she'd put on some other dress up clothes instead (an angel). We eventually convinced her that because it was snowing, the cat costume would be a better choice because it was warmer.

So, after a dinner of pizza and more birthday cake (because we needed more sugar before going out for... sugar), we headed out trick or treating with friends. I'm sorry I have no pictures of the friends' costumes, because they were stellar, but we filled our trick or treat bucket and Lili has declared that next year she would like to just buy treats and stay home. She takes after us - efficient!

Mira only lasted a couple of blocks treating until Keith brought her home and put her to bed. I'm told she was wired. Must be all the sugar!


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