Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fickle Costuming

Can I make a costume for my fickle 4 year old in less than 2 hours? Yes. Yes I can.

Lili was, for the longest time, going to be Dorothy (of Oz) for Halloween.

Then, a couple of days ago... "I wanna be a Leopard for Halloween!". "No! I wanna be a cat for Halloween!".

So here we go, because I do not have it in me to buy one or make a full blown costume. And she cannot change her mind again, okay?

cat headpeice, elastic wear "paws", brown turtle neck with fur belly, brown pants with fur legs

and fur butt and tail sewn on.

Did it almost break my sewing machine? Yes.
Is it well sewn? Heck no.
Is it functional for one Halloween? Yes sir.
And you know what? She could wear a paper sack and still rock it. My brother did!


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