Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Four years.... Nine Months

Well, on July 30 we marked the occasion of a Four-year-old and a Nine-month-old in the house. I have been waiting to post about it until I could take a decent picture of both of them, but that seems to be impossible lately.

For Lili, turning 4 has shown marked change in her language skills. She speaks very eloquently and uses big words. Her reading is coming along and she reads most signs and sides of trucks independently. As with anything she is stubborn and doesn't love to read when asked to do so. It's all on her own terms. She continues to be a great big sister though she STILL doesn't understand that dragging her sister by the arms across the floor is not a good idea. Neither knows their limits though, because Mira loves that game too. Lili is very imaginative and loves to play pretend games (like princess, or Wizard of Oz). She's (finally) riding her bike (with training wheels). She loves all things girly, and can be pretty bossy. We really exercise our patience with her as she learns more about independence. She surprises us everyday with what she already knows.

At 9 months, Mira is a gem. Those hard hard unbearable days of her newborn-hood are almost a distant memory (almost) and she has shown us that she is really a very good natured (and spirited) baby. She does not like to be confined. In fact, she gets into everything and most especially loves to play with things she shouldn't. She can be surrounded by baby toys and find the one bead in the mix that she could choke on. Luckily she has pretty good survival instincts and manages to stay alive despite all the lack of babyproofing that happens when you have a 4 year old around. Those second kids... they really know how figure things out. Mira's current favorite game is GRAB. Grab whatever is in sight as fast as you can. The more inappropriate for a baby, the more fun it is. Magazines, beads, grass, whatever. She is also weaning (or I am weaning her) onto formula and she loves it. And no, I am not sad about this at all :)

Lili's annual hamburger and corn birthday dinner, with chocolate cake: PINK frosting and RAINBOW sprinkles

Mira is sad because she has been confined and I have walked away... But still so cute

Funny quotes from Lili lately:
"I will get married at Disney World, and I will ask Cinderella to be my flower girl"
"My favorite color is Rainbow"
"This is the mediumest"
And she has named her bears: Lilly, Billy, and.... Killy

Funny quotes from Mira lately:
"Blah blah blah" - seriously
"Mamamama" - when she is sad or mad
"Dadadada...... Daaa Daaa" - when she is happy
And she loves to blow raspberries


Courtney said...

I had to giggle at "my favorite color is rainbow." Benjamin loves to talk about these "two new colors...plaid and rusty" all of the time. This age rocks!

Happy birthday gorgeous Lili!

Sue said...

Thanks for catching me up! The last 2 weeks have been a blur.
I'm happy to say I will see you in the near future.

eyeheartorange said...

I loved all the Lili quotes, too! Insanely cute, both of 'em.

GeoBliss said...

Your site it's very gorgeous ! ^^

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