Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Foiled by Laundry

In ALL my years of doing laundry (about 20 of them) I have never turned anything pink by accident. Once, blue, but never that ubiquitous red-thing-turning-everything-pink laundry moment.

Until today.

I so diligently bleached one of Mira's lovely little embroidered shirts, taking out all the stains until it was a gleaming white. Nothing in our house was so white as this onesie. And I threw it in with the colors, so that it wouldn't have to soak for two more days. And I forgot that there was a new, very pink skirt of Lili's in with the colors. And as murphy's law goes... Mira now has a lovely light pink embroidered oneise.

Good thing she's a girl.


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