Friday, July 2, 2010


I received my "Pay it Forward" treat from Leah today! A lovely little package from across the sea, plus her very own recipe for Popovers! Leah, how did you know that Popovers are one of those things on my baking "to-do" list? I have always been intimidated by them, but I am sure with the easy recipe you have sent I will be successful. I hope.

And to go along with the popovers? Some lovely tea and jam. How very grown-up. I think I will host a tea party for the girls.

But since I don't read French...

Infusion of Marmots? Will it be furry?

Just kidding! It smells like very nice, herbal tea.

Check back later for my "Pay it Forward" winners...


L said...

I think it's in English somewhere on there! In any case it's herbal. Glad it arrived!

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