Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Roll me up, buttercup

Lili's only been out of preschool for a few weeks, and though we love the freedom and nice weather that comes with summer vacation, I am finding that school provided a nice weekly routine as well as a good break (from each other) for me and Lili.

Mira has started having a more regular nap schedule, 2 naps a day, and so our mornings are spent at home now instead of out and about. Without school, and with some very early risers lately, we find ourselves doing some unconventional things to pass the time.

a lili cocoon, sushi roll, whatever. rinse, roll, repeat. over and over again.

yes, sledding. in june. lili is the sled dog. they both really enjoyed this one.

Any other ideas? We have a few more weeks of summer, you know...

And don't forget to enter the "Pay it Forward" game... I'll pick winners after June 30.


eyeheartorange said...

Katie and I used to entertain ourselves by rolling up in a blanket, too! It was this gross green afghan someone made. When we were all rolled up we'd say we were a pickle. Cute pic!

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