Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Little Something Nice

I'm ending my line of the Pay It Forward game... And I will say here, it seems that many of my readers either a) don't like contests/giveaways b) don't like commenting c) don't feel they better the world much or d) some or all of the above. Because I KNOW I have more than 4 readers. Google analytics tells me so. BUT I know this post made you all think about how you better the world and that is good enough for me.

And in true Pay it Forwardism, I will choose all four of you as winners. Well, we are all winners in life, aren't we? But for these purposes, Ali, Rachel, and Tera are winners. And Leah? You can win too, because passing it back is just as important as passing it forward.

I loved hearing how you feel you better yourselves. And I am offering a little something for you to decorate your "selves" with! You remember my new Etsy find? I just got my goodies from them, and they are just as adorable in person as they were on the screen. So I'm gonna send each of you your choice of pendant and ball chain from Homestudio! And if you don't find one you like, or you aren't into necklaces? Well... you could just regift it! Paying it forward, indeed.

Just let me know (email me! oh, and your address too) which design you like, and whether or not you want a specific "letter" tile, and I'll send it along! Please let me know by July 16 so I don't have this hanging around in my to do list for too long...



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