Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wow... 7 months and crawling!

Mira turns 7 months old tomorrow, and today marks the first day of crawling. Arm over arm on the belly dragging herself along the floor crawling! I never thought I'd be the one to say this, but they grow so fast!

I will admit that the first three months of Mira's life were hard. The hardest I've ever been through. The lack of sleep, the constant screaming, juggling two kids, it was all very overwhelming and it makes me so grateful for the sweet happy baby she is these days. Mira is off of her acid-reflux medication. She LOVES to eat, and handles finger foods already very well. She is tremendously ticklish. There are a few things about this little baby that I don't want to forget...

Little bird face - while being spoon fed her baby food. I'm also annoyed and amused by her blowing raspberries frequently right after a mouthful of food!

Piranha face - when she is particularly hungry for nursing, she can't even wait until latching on. She'll come at me with her mouth wide open, ready to get that milk!

How she buries her face in my shoulder upon being greeted by other people. She gives a big grin and then just nuzzles into me as hard as she can. I love it.

She wakes up often with a dadadada or blahblahbaba. No mmmmamama sounds yet!

Her first accidental word was "doggie". Just like Lili. We were at the park with some friends' dog and she said it, clear as day.

How she works so hard to get the attention of dogs in the neighborhood. She really can tell what is a canine and she really wants one.

Last thing I can think of... the pale portion of skin inside her fat folds - the stuff that doesn't see the light of day - is getting lighter as she tans... and I love to see those little folds!

They do, indeed, grow up fast!

PS... This week also marks the last day of Lili's first day of preschool! And... Mira pooped - on the toilet today! Let's just say... it can make a parent proud.


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