Saturday, May 15, 2010


Get ready for some thought spewing - a bunch of stuff floating through my head lately that I just needed to write down.

Mira is ridiculously grabby lately. Way more than even a week ago. She will go to great lengths to reach anything and everything. I noticed this especially when giving her a bath with Lili - Mira sits in her baby tub in the big tub. She practically lunges out of the little tub to get at the toys in the big tub. It's funny and maddening.

A recent conversation with Lili which showcases her current level of comprehension. Note that the weather has been weird lately - warm then cold, so you really have to evaluate in the morning whether or not a jacket is necessary. On this particular morning, I was rushing around to get out the door and Lili got her shoes on and into the car on her own. After I got in the car I realized I didn't get a jacket for her...
Me: I forgot to get a jacket for you
Lili: Why? (always with the whys!)
Me: Well, um, I guess I wasn't thinking how cold out it is.
Lili: But you're wearing your jacket
Me: Yes
Lili: {pause} Well that shows me that you were thinking how cold out it is
Me: {dumbfounded} yes well i guess usually you don't like to wear your coat so i didn't think of it
Wow - my days of "just because" might be over

Lili is figuring out the concept of dreams. Her imagination runs wild as she is laying in bed and she jumps out to tell us her latest "dreams". Still can't figure out if this is a particularly vivid method of stalling for bed.

I gave Mira the faux-hawk because she had cradle cap. But I like it so much I'll probably keep doing it.

I realize how much I have been affected by motherhood when I knowingly leave the house with (baby) pee on my pants. It was just too much effort to change again.


V said...

Lili is awesome. =)

Scott S said...

Lexa's been doing the lunging out of the baby tub for what seems like months... well before the TX trip, trying to touch the drain, look under her tub, grab the shampoo bottle... exhausting.

We're looking at games for Lili for her birthday, and saw a couple at a local store that does kids games and battleground gaming. We found them on Amazon, too:

Chicky Boom - balancing stuff on a seesaw

Zimbbo - balancing Elephants and stuff on each other


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