Monday, May 17, 2010

on two(ish) wheels

Lili used to be utterly fearless. When we first moved to VT she was the little pint running and climbing on everything. I was the mom who held back and let her do her thing. Fast forward two(!) years and we have a rather timid biker. I think a little to her dad's chagrin, Lili is a bit afraid of riding her bike. I don't blame her much. A couple bad falls will cause anyone to shy away, but add in her stubbornness about it and we have a little bit of a dilemma on our hands. We'd love her to be on two wheels by the end of the summer but seeing as how she keeps her training wheels low it probably won't happen....

But for now, she's happy to ride the obstacle courses at the neighborhood bike party!


Carpenters said...

Oh, so cute! I'm so enjoying keeping up with you on your blog. Josiah was the same fearless at first and now, thankfully, is getting a more healthy fear for things. Love, Penelope

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