Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lil' camera

Lili goes through phases where she loves to use her camera. Her camera is an old old (like, first generation) digital camera that my brother handed down to her. It is ginormous and has no real monetary value and is perfect for a 3 year old.

Lately, she has been on a real photo kick and I've noticed that she has matured greatly in her picture taking abilities. The pictures are largely recognizable and she even sets up photo sessions for her stuffed animals, placing them just so before telling them to "say cheese".

I particularly love the pictures she takes of her artwork around the house, but my absolute favorites, the ones that make me laugh and laugh are her "self-portraits". She loves to experiment with faces and the most recent shots are very revealing as to her general mood as of late: rebellious.

this is a nice "arty" shot of Mira eating lunch. The baby food is in focus, the baby is not.

"see, i can be happy"

"i can also be pissed off as heck"

"and this is as bad-a** as i can get!"


L said...

That last one is HUH-larious.

Carpenters said...

So funny! I've been thinking about getting Josiah and Alexandra an old digital camera. It may just have moved up a few notches on the "I need to make it happen" scale.

Scott S said...

So glad that she's not only making use of it still, but that it's holding up! Smartmedia chips weren't exactly designed to be durable...

LX might get my camera-phone by the time she's that age, as I just bought a replacement battery for my current one, so I can apparently take ~90min of video.

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