Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I'd kind of like to title this "Happy Freakin' Mother's Day" but I feel that might be a disservice to my husband and kids. But it's been that kind of low energy BAD weather day that makes me get up on the very opposite of the right side of bed.

So here's what I've been thinking today. The irony of Mother's day is that it's the day most mother's don't want to do any mothering. No butt wiping, no snack prepping, no clothing, bathing, reading, etc etc etc. It is the one day where we feel we can ask for a break and dance around the house (or, you know, take a long nap). It makes sense and seems wrong all at the same time!

To that end, I decided I would do the anti-mothering thing and install a towel bar. Very handy-manish. So I leveled, and drilled, and totally messed in up with big holes in the wrong places in the bathroom. I called to Keith for HELP. Keith, who had been {fathering} the children while I anti-mothered. So we switched. I handed him the drill while he handed me the baby. Thirty seconds later I hear a groan from the bathroom: "What did you do?!". Two minutes later, a gasp of indignation from me: "What didn't you do?!". A big gross sitting in it poopy diaper. So he fixed the bathroom while I bathed the baby, and we both forgive each other for the fact that we'll never learn :)

So, you know, Happy Mother's Day. There's no one like her!


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