Saturday, May 22, 2010

Growing up

Despite the title of this post, it is not going to be about my children...

I don't feel like a grown-up most of the time. I'm already 30(+) but I just don't think of myself as old, like parenting old! My mom recently had her 60th birthday and my dad asked me what I thought of that. My response was to say that whenever I think my parents' age is old, suddenly I am that age and it doesn't feel so old anymore. So I don't think anything about age these days.

But there have been some milestones that I've noticed can make one feel more like a grown-up.

First, getting a real job. You know, one with a salary. And a 401K (which is still a scary word to me).

Second, getting a raise.

Going to a conference. Attending seminars. Having meetings!

Buying a house. Having homeowners insurance.

Buying a car! Probably buying a brand-new car will feel extra grown up, but I haven't done that yet so I'm not so sure.

Getting married (surprisingly, I don't include getting engaged. I guess that's too much like "going steady" to take seriously!)

Cleaning the bathroom. Maybe it's weird that I think of that as a grown up thing, but whenever I talk about it or hear that someone else is doing it, I think... wow, how grown up of you.

Having a "planner". You know, one of those daily planners, otherwise known as a calendar? That you write appointments and things into?

Having kids? I'm not so sure about that one. I don't think it makes me feel grown-up to have kids. The early wake up calls and exhausting days just make me feel old.

How about you? Was it your first wallet, your newest haircut? What makes you think "grownup"?


V said...

I love cleaning the bathroom when I have time!

I'm not grown-up yet. I think one thing that makes me feel grown up is that I actually now genuinely enjoy spending time with children. That certainly was not true a year ago.

Along the Ausable said...

Buying an actual couch and being asked to be a speaker at Career Day! Whoa.

My next "conference" is in two weeks in Poughkeepsie and I'm contemplating skipping the afternoon sessions and taking a train to NYC. Probably not very adult.

Rachel said...

when I call a service provider to switch something. Its a rather freaky feeling. Kind of like I'm ticking them into giving me cable.

Ruthie said...

definitely home ownership for me. also, willing not exceeding the speed limit because my kid is in the car... that feels very responsible and grown up. :)

tellerspoint said...

Managing Auggie's nap time, explaining his needs and how they work into a shared schedule with a friend and road trip, how I'm in charge of this little person, stating what needs to be done in order to have a happy child. I felt very "Mom" hence grown-up, to the core.

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