Monday, April 5, 2010

There and Back Again

We have been a whirlwind of travel lately, and most recently got back from Austin, TX, where we attended a wedding for my side of the family (read: lots of Asian people). There was tons of activity - I'll give some of the highlights (and low lights) here!

This was Mira's first plane trip! 4 flights total, and she did wonderfully. Both girls are gold-star travelers. The flight(s) home were very late (arriving home at 12am) and there was minimal crying and absolutely no screaming. They both did great with the late nights too! Guess we have some party girls on our hands.

Being with family was also wonderful. I didn't realize it until now, but the move to VT has left me missing and craving time around Asians. Never thought I'd see that day. But, turns out I really like speaking Chinese.

Perhaps the funniest moment was when Cousin Phillip finally showed up. Most everyone was left gawking. I guess none of us gets to see much of him!

Mommy brain moments: nursing Mira, I looked over in her car seat and had a mini panic - where is she??? Also, packed and let Lili wear a dress that had chocolate on it to the wedding. Definitely didn't wash that one before packing it! Oops.

No water at the hotel. Hmmm. Very poor management for a full house!

Beautiful weather. Great Texas food (Salt Lick BBQ was mouth watering!!!). Lili had a BLAST running around the botanical garden.

The wedding was pure unique fun. The place it was held was full of charm and character and the whole thing was a pleasure to be a part of. Lili danced her pants off and was so patient with cake we let her be the first in line for a slice.

Perhaps best of all? Shorts and tanks on the first of April!

And because we were amongst many family and many cameras... The elusive family shot:


Melissa said...

Yep! I had the SAME mini-panic baby in the bouncy chair! She was in the ergo asleep against my chest. Beautiful pics!

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