Saturday, April 17, 2010

Insider tips

One of Lili's friends (who is a boy) really wants to be a girl. He's had tantrums about it and I'm sure he's tried bargaining with his parents about it, but it all comes down to the same conclusion - sorry buddy, those are the parts you've got, so deal with it.

But it doesn't mean he can't learn some tricks of the trade... Lili's all girl, all the time, and so I thought I'd put together some of her pointers on channeling the female gender.

1. Start Early. Accessorize. The more the better. And some jewelry pieces need the right attitude to pull them off.

2. Commit to your fashion choices. Naptime, playdates, whatever the occasion, it can be all spruced up with a nice gown and tiara.

3. Learn to cook. All food items must have pink in them. In fact, all items in your life must have pink. Sprinkles are a bonus. Sparkles are an alternative.

4. Lastly, Tough it out. If you're going to push out a baby one day, then it does no good to cry when you scrape your knees.


Along the Ausable said...

I love this post! Too funny.

V said...

Oh man, don't let Lili any where near Japan - her head might explode with sparkles and pink. Well actually she would love it =)
There's just lots of pink princess girliness EVERYwhere I go!

aws said...

I know it may feel like overkill for you, but I would LOVE some pink sparkly things for 5 minutes at my house. There's too much testosterone over here.

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