Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day Giveaway

Happy Earth Day one day later! This year Lili's questions about "Urt" Day made me think a little bit about the things we do to help our planet out a little, you know, reduce that footprint of ours. Because, with two kids, you know that's hard to do.

We compost - backyard composting
We recycle - between that and the compost, we have very little garbage - talking half a can or less every two weeks
We cloth diaper (at home) - which means we use about 12-15 disposable diapers a week.
We garden, and move worms about
We use biodegradable laundry and dish soaps
We wash the kids infrequently, to save water (haha that one's just a joke!)
Keith bikes to work most days, and the girls and I walk when we can
CFL lightbulbs
And I'm sure many others.

One of the big ones is using canvas bags when we go grocery shopping. And because I have "green" as an excuse, we have many {many!} reusable bags at home, in all shapes and sizes. And thanks to a local toy store, you can add another to your collection too!

The Plan Toys cotton shopping bag has an earth graphic on the front and a list of all the environmentally positive things they do as a toy company on the back. It's a good size bag as you can see compared to a three-and-a-half year old, and I'll send one to one lucky winner! All you have to do is comment to this post with one (or more) environmentally friendly thing YOU do on a regular basis. I'll choose one winner randomly from the comments at noon(ish - you know my life!) on April 30, 2010, so check back then!


Melissa said...

If I win, will you put her in it when you send it? E misses her!

Rachel said...

LOL did you get another today? I cloth diaper almost everywhere except at night.

eyeheartorange said...

I don't use plastic drinking straws! And I promise your shoes are coming soon :)

J$ said...

we do just about everything on your list! no cloth diapers, though we did them with Zach and Sophie. I am the QUEEN of reusable totes. Our trash is soooo minute, I can't even bother with a trash service. D takes it a couple of times a month and it's one small to medium sized bag depending on if it's been closer to one week or two. Not too shabby for a family of 6!!

Zach is the MASTER of finding ways to reuse things in art projects (you should see the plastic tote of art project items in his room...)
Oh and I <3

aws said...

If I had a home with a yard I would compost, and if it had a washer and dryer I would cloth diaper too. But since I don't, my latest green thing is joining a CSA for veggies this summer and making an effort to eat local as much as possible. But I think your other posters are doing a much better job at living green than I am!

Sue said...

I use cloth shopping bags, CFL bulbs, compost. When I remember I take my own containers to restaurants for leftovers, CSA, save egg containers for a friend who has chickens, Freecycle, use power strips to turn off appliances with bots, have a geothermal heat system, solar panels and save compost during the winter on my deck to bring to a friend. I used cloth diapers 30 years ago on your husband.

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