Thursday, March 11, 2010

this little chicky went to ski school

She did it! Lili went to ski school (at Park City, UT - i know, we live in VT and she had to go all the way to UT to ski!) and made it up the chair lift on her first day! She really takes after her dad's side of the family in that way. I couldn't be more proud of her.

Run down of the two parallel vacations...

Mira and I did well on our own and I actually felt rested by the end of the time apart from Lili and Keith. Mira missed them both terribly and exhibited whiny bored behavior to show it.

Lili was at the slopes every day of her vacation. Keith skiied hard the first day with Margot and had to sit out the second and some of the third day. Lili hardly whined at all. Everyone is amazed by her good behavior on an airplane and she even got free ice cream at the cow place because she's just that cute. And yeah, I brag a little :)

Homecoming was so sweet. Lili was all smiles and kisses and hugs after meeting us at the airport, and Mira was very confused for about 10 minutes, then very thrilled to have the tornado big sister home.

Today? A rest day! I daresay the excitement finally caught up with Lili.


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