Monday, March 29, 2010

Thunderstorm Math

Lili recently inherited a big-button calculator from her great-grandfather. It's a little bit of a long story that I'll tell later, but this was too funny and I had to post it before I forgot.

We're standing in their living room and she's playing around with it and she says "look mommy, it changes when i press the thunderstorm button". Huh. I must have missed that button in math class. So I look at what she's doing...

What, pray tell, is a thunderstorm button? Behold, the square-root, in all it's fanciness:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sick of it.

When my kids are sick, the rest of the world disappears.
We become our own microcosm of crying, complaints, and comforting.
We play games.
We read books.
We make jello.
We get bored.

And hopefully the world will start spinning again. Soon.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

this little chicky went to ski school

She did it! Lili went to ski school (at Park City, UT - i know, we live in VT and she had to go all the way to UT to ski!) and made it up the chair lift on her first day! She really takes after her dad's side of the family in that way. I couldn't be more proud of her.

Run down of the two parallel vacations...

Mira and I did well on our own and I actually felt rested by the end of the time apart from Lili and Keith. Mira missed them both terribly and exhibited whiny bored behavior to show it.

Lili was at the slopes every day of her vacation. Keith skiied hard the first day with Margot and had to sit out the second and some of the third day. Lili hardly whined at all. Everyone is amazed by her good behavior on an airplane and she even got free ice cream at the cow place because she's just that cute. And yeah, I brag a little :)

Homecoming was so sweet. Lili was all smiles and kisses and hugs after meeting us at the airport, and Mira was very confused for about 10 minutes, then very thrilled to have the tornado big sister home.

Today? A rest day! I daresay the excitement finally caught up with Lili.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home Again

I'm in my hometown now, while Keith and Lili are in Utah visiting Omi. It's an adventure, splitting up the girls and seeing how things go. Mira seems to be quite fascinated by the house I grew up in and is not really sleeping enough. I think she misses the attention she gets from her sister but is very interested in my parents, especially my dad. I heard that Lili did well on the plane trip(s) and is having a day with her grandma while Keith skis with his sister....

One thing I've discovered is that I think my relationship with my mom is very similar to the one I have with Lili. Another way of saying this could be that I've become my mother. "Put on some chapstick"... "Did you eat enough?"... etc etc. It's so easy to become a kid again when you go home even when you brought your own kid to take care of :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mega Whoops

To all those people who saw the crazy lady whose stroller flipped into the street because she was walking too fast: yes, the baby is fine. Luckily she was strapped in to her car seat well, and the car seat was securely snapped in to the stroller. She didn't even notice that she was upside down for awhile. In fact, her pacifier didn't even leave her lips.

And yes, that was me.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another baking post

I got my favorite magazine in the mail yesterday, and that always means it's time to try a new recipe.

Tangent... March is cut the vices month. We (I) am trying to spend less (less online shopping and impulse/future buying), and it also seemed that I was trying to eat less sweets. Which means baking less. But if you know me well, baking means sanity. Hence this project.

And if you know me very very well, you know that my favorite dessert is Cherry Pie. Really good Cherry Pie. I have yet to bake a real from scratch Cherry Pie, but there was something just as tantalizing in this month's issue... Cherry-Almond Coffee Cake. The picture shows a dense thin cake with a layer of cherry and topped with streusel (a favorite of Keith's) AND drizzled with icing. Yum. I love almonds and I love cherries and I have to try this recipe. Even though it's a ton of steps and random ingredients I've never used before (almond paste? it's not marzipan).

So one thing that happens during the many steps to this dessert is that I discovered a pet peeve on mine regarding recipes: when it lists a bunch of ingredients and then splits them up in the text of the recipe... for instance, lists 2 cups of flour, uses 1/3 cup in the topping, and the remaining flour in the cake body. It's that remaining part that bugs me. I may have been an engineer in my former life, but I have no room in my head for simple math. Especially when I'm trying to keep the cherry filling from burning while nursing a baby. Split it up for me in the ingredients list. That way I'm WAY less likely to make a mistake.

But even so... how'd it turn out??

It was pretty darn delicious, but not really worth the 5 bowls, 6 measuring cups, spatulas, beaters, whisks, and massive amounts of butter involved. I might try to develop my own, lighter and easier version of this sometime when I'm feeling extra ambitious. But for now, a nice big pan to indulge in.