Friday, February 19, 2010

Tummy time etc

When you have your second kid, you have to keep telling yourself to stop comparing to the first kid, because it is inevitable.

Mira's very talkative. So was Lili.
Mira's rolled over already (back to front, and front to back), but it took Lili a long while to figure that out.
Lili hated tummy time. HATED it, so we never really made her do it. And so she never crawled in the normal way, she did a butt scoot instead. Mira doesn't seem to mind tummy time all that much and so I wonder if she'll be a "normal" crawler...

Of course, NOW Lili doesn't mind tummy time, especially if it means a photo op:

It's interesting to note that Mira's become a relatively easy baby now. She naps pretty regularly, goes to bed pretty easily, and except for getting up too early in the morning (5:30-6am) some days, she does great at night. She's in her own crib in her own room. She nurses well, though not so much in public places (she prefers to nurse at home). It would seem that the kids did a switcheroo, because now Lili is a huge handful. She has all kinds of attitude, and daily meltdowns. It's probably due to an increased responsibility (she is 3 and a half now afterall), and the overall stress of not having her parents' attention 24/7.

And everywhere I go I still get the "she looks just like you" for both the girls. I used to find this to be a huge compliment because I thought Lili was the most beautiful thing in the world. But the fact is, though Mira is really really cute, she can also be a bit weird looking. We think she just needs to grow into her face :)


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