Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Snow Day in Pictures

What do you do when you get more than 6 inches of heavy wet snow in a few hours (and the 2nd parent is not home)?

First, you color and decorate a t shirt:
thanks, Gina!

Then, you do some coffee filter art:
washable markers and water on a paintbrush

And then, because your baby sister needs a nap but you really want to play with the snow... Your awesome mom brings it inside for you:
yes. that is snow in the tub.

We have still to make sugar cookies and have rest time...


Rachel said...

so my question is why is she naked?

Along the Ausable said...

You're a great Mom! I'm sure that the snow in the bathtub will be one her first memories that she can recall later in life. Hope y'all have fun playing in the snow, perfect snowman weather.

eyeheartorange said...

awesome mom skills!

Katie said...

That is great! It's not often you see a naked person playing in the snow! What a fun mom.

JuneBug said...

Not naked!!! She was in underwear. Because it was in the tub! We don't wear clothes in the tub. Although, in retrospect, maybe next time she will because she got really cold playing with the snow.

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