Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hair today...

Recently, Lili told me she wanted to grow her bangs out so she could look just like me (glow of pride). A few days later she said it was so she could look like Cinderella (grumble towards marketing). Either way, she was standing firm on her decision, even through her first professional haircut.

Lately, it's been driving me nuts. I'm sounding totally like my mother did: "get your hair out of your eyes!". It made her look like a little hoodlum, in my opinion.

Today, I said... "Can I PLEASE cut your bangs???" fully expecting the same "NO" answer. Instead, I got a YES!

So into the bathroom we go!

Before: my little hoodlum

After: cute as a button, and so much more appropriate for a 3 year old

And since Mira doesn't like being left alone, this is where she was while we were in the hair cutting process: fully clothed, in the tub!


sweet p. said...

LOVE IT!! Lili already looks sooo much bigger than when we were there last fall. Ugh, these kids grow up too fast. Btw, our L would be perfectly contempt in the tub with clothes on as well.

Rachel said...


Melissa said...

Where'd you get those moo legs?? Super cute. BTW, E drew on his blank doll that you gave him ages ago...drew himself, he says. I have to take a pic and send it to you!

eyeheartorange said...

Those are the cutest bangs! Can you cut mine? :)

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