Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ebb and Flow

The only constant is change...

Today my family says goodbye to one of our cats. Bobo was with us from my early teens until now. She was the cutest little fuzzy kitten who would suckle at our dog, and curl up with her to sleep. She was a scaredy cat but never forgot who I was even after I left for college and my own life. She shed like crazy and ended up getting "lion" cuts for the second half of her life. She was always cute like a kitten, and so it's hard to believe she could go from old age. Amazingly enough, even Mira got to meet her when she came to visit us here.

Bye bye Bo. We love you so.


V said...

=( RIP Bobo!!!
I loved Bobo too! i remember when wini and I came to stay at your house when we were little (like way little!) and Bobo was so afraid of us, but we loved chasing her cuz she was fluffy!

Along the Ausable said...

Oh June, I am sorry to hear about Bobo. xoxo, Ali

Wini said...

=( Oh noooo...
RIP Bobo. She lived to a very ripe age.

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