Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bread Making

Remember how I took that bread making class at CIA last spring? Well, I don't think I've made any bread since then...

BUT, Keith has! We have an old book from an old book sale, Breads of the World that Keith decided he'd try to bake from. I think it's his version of a New Year's resolution. He's going to bake one recipe a week, all the ones that interest him. Lili helps sometimes, and so it's becoming a fun weekend tradition.

This week was the third week, and they made english muffins! Did you know that english muffins do not get baked in the oven? They "bake" in/on a skillet! Keith used our electric skillet to do the cooking and they turned out beautifully.

Notice that we don't have a biscuit (or round) cutter, so we used my new big heart shaped cookie cutter. Very appropriate for the season, and made for some really fun muffins. And Keith says in retrospect that square (or rectangular) cutting would have made the whole process easier!


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