Thursday, January 14, 2010

Suess it up!

When Lili was born, our employers gave us a lovely baby gift: an anthology of Suess books. It was too big, heavy and nice for us to use with a teething baby or crazy toddler, but now that Lili is older and more responsible, we have been reading it quite a lot. She loves reading it and even though they are crazy long stories (have you really ever read the Lorax, start to end, out loud, with all those "why" questions from a 3 year old?), we read about 2 a day when she's into it. They are fun to read if you're in the right mood**, and we also have Horton Hears a Who on audio book. Dustin Hoffman reads it. It's great. You should check it out.

So yesterday, in a fit of boredom, we turned Lili into a star-belly Sneetch. She loved it. She role played with Keith later that evening. "You ask me if you can play with me". "Can I play with you?". "No. You don't have a star on your belly."

I love it.

We've also been listening to the Suessical soundtrack. So far I've only gotten to hear the first half, but I like it!

** The "right mood" being when you are not holding and trying to calm a screaming infant. Reading Suess at top speed upside down is not recommended. You'll get a headache.


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