Sunday, January 3, 2010

snow Snow SNOW

For those of you who don't know... The NE is in the midst of a multi-day snowstorm, and we are loving it! Based on the view out onto our porch, I'd say we have about 24-30 inches, most of it in the last 48 hours. It's fluffy and luxurious. Keith even made a sled path for Lili, that runs across the driveway. It's perfectly manageable for a 3 year old and she's had lots of runs down it already.


Along the Ausable said...

Yay for all the snow! Oh, but not driving through it home from work on these Adirondack roads at night. Could your husband build a sled ramp from my house to yours across Lake Champlain?

eyeheartorange said...

that baby is too cute! Those cheeks!

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