Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sewing again plus updates

I broke my sewing machine hemming some jeans, and so I recently went to get it fixed. It's not at 100% yet, but I couldn't wait to sew a couple of things. Lili and I made her a purple fuzzy stuffed sparkly heart, and I made a curtain valance for Mira's room. The rest of the curtain is to follow, but I just couldn't coax any more out of the machine.

Making the heart with Lili was really wonderful. I remember sewing things with my mom, downstairs at her desk, and it was so much fun. This time Lili filled the heart with stuffing and added the glitter after it was done. She loved it dearly for a couple of days and then it's fallen to the wayside for now.

The valance for Mira's room was especially important to me because I was making the big push to get her into her own room, and so we needed a more permanent window covering solution. Today was the big day, she napped in her room and is in there (in her bassinet) for bed now. We are hope hope hoping it means better sleep for all of us, but that is yet to be determined. Lili's concern was that she will hear Mira louder now that their rooms are more adjacent.

What else... took Lili bowling with friends over the weekend, and though it was her first time real bowling, she was quick to point out that she's been Wii bowling many times before. And we are really sleep deprived. Mira is still super fussy though with the reflux managed she nurses really well now. She likes constant attention and really loves to just have one on one face time. Lili is kind of overwhelming to her, but you can see that they do love each other. Mira has a hard time outside in this cold weather. She really doesn't like any wind at her face at all, but when Keith blows on her face, she loves it. Go figure. Best times are diaper changes, morning time, and baths. And just today we discover that she really does like to lie on the floor to play (ie, stare at things). She babbles a lot, and blows bubbles a lot, and just learned to laugh out loud. 3 months old... seems like a looooong time ago!


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