Monday, January 11, 2010

notes and nuggets

things are going better, for sure! the new medicine (prevacid) seems to be doing a good job, and though mira isn't napping well (except for after car rides), she is sleeping pretty well at night. she gets up on average 2x a night, and just started being able to go right back to sleep after getting up (previously, she'd be up for about 40 minutes - 1 hour after a middle of the night feeding). we also stopped swaddling her mostly because it was a pain the butt to do so especially when she wouldn't go to sleep and because she was wiggling her arms free as much as she could. turns out to be a good thing: she likes to suck on her hands! here's hoping we get another thumbsucker and we can rid ourselves of the pacifiers.

mira's awake more and because she's not in pain so much anymore, she's pretty happy, though she requires a lot of attention. she's happy to lay on the floor as long as Lili and I play around her. i'm really happy to be cloth diapering, and found my favorite system so far (after trying fuzzi bunz, g diapers, and bummis covers). I love using the Thirsties Duos covers with cotton prefold diapers inside. There's a load in the wash as I type and I guess it just feels good to be cloth diapering. Don't get me wrong, we do what makes sense for us: cloth at home and during the day, and then disposables at night. It's a good balance for us. But I don't know why, it just feels like a sense of accomplishment to be able to be cloth diapering. I digress.

Lili is starting a theater class later this month. It will be interesting to see how much of it comes home with her!

And finally, a picture of me with Mira that I really like:


Ruthie said...

She's cute as a button. Just like her sister.
I'm looking forward to the cloth diaper attempt with any possible future children. Glad to know it's not going to be a huge pain.

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