Monday, January 4, 2010

Money Shot

Here is proof that Mira can be a happy baby:

At her 2 month checkup today, she is growing well! Bigger than I expected. We also have determined (with the doctor) that Zantac isn't cutting it for her reflux, and now she's been switched to Prevacid. TBD if it will work better for her, poor baby's been in such discomfort.

To top it all off... immunizations started today and now she's got a mega bruise on her leg from the shots and she was definitely not happy about it. All afternoon and into the evening. I really hope she gets more comfortable over the next few days... And if not, I'll just keep looking at this picture to get me through all the worry.


Sue said...

Maybe she will be like her Dad; causing you heartache as an infant and in elementary school and then go straight to adulthood without teenage angst.

Rachel said...

Happy and on her belly!Hope the new meds help her feel better soon!

Ian and Vanessa said...

Sure hope the new meds will work better for her- love the smiley picture!!

Ruthie said...

she's a doll.

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