Thursday, January 7, 2010

A little mental clarity

So... most of the pictures on the camera right now are of Mirabel. She doesn't look a whole lot different day to day, so I'll spare you an image on this post. Mostly, I'll use this post as a diary to myself about some things that have been happening, just because I have a little mental clarity today from a decent nights' sleep.

Speaking of sleep, it's completely erratic around here. As I've written before, Mira's sleep seems to be highly effected by her level of (dis)comfort, and therefore there have been little to no naps during the day lately. Sometimes a nap in the carseat happens if we go out, but at home it's really very spotty. Her immunizations at the beginning of the week also seem to have caused her a lot of discomfort in the form of leg pain and possibly no-poops. So there was not a lot of sleep to be had day or night early this week. We are experimenting with not swaddling her anymore (last night) and she slept well that way, though she certainly tosses and turns a lot.

BUT, she's been smiling like crazy, and is so charming when she does so. She gets full body grins and loves to be tickled and shocked with a light breeze (blowing on her face). She seems bigger and older than Lili did at this age, but definitely needs a lot of attention; she doesn't like to be left alone. She does well with tummy time and can really lift and support her head well.

Lili is also demanding more attention lately; our theory is that she is trying to figure out if we still love her amidst all the needs Mira has. She sprouted recently and outgrew a lot of her pants. It was surprising to me, but now she has a semi-new wardrobe to play around with and I think she likes it.

As for me, tired tired tired. I'm working on that whole patience thing. Doesn't help that it's hard to spend time outside with such a touchy baby as Mira is...


Courtney said...

Benjamin just shot up, too. I got a gift card to the Gap for Christmas, and suspect I'll just blow it on new cotton play pants and jeans for him. He wore a shirt he wore around Thanksgiving yesterday, and it was a belly shirt!

Rest when you can, J. You're doing a great job!

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