Monday, January 18, 2010

Cupcakes, Kids, Snowmen, and Snacks

... or, a weekend with G&C!!

Our friends Gina and Casey came for what has become an annual January visit to our house! We always take advantage of this time to create something special from my favorite magazine, have someone entertain our children, and catch up with our best friends.

This visit, we tackled the Chocolate Creme Cupcakes. The Cook's Country version of that famous Hostess cupcake with the curliecue on top. While we did skip the fuss of the curliecue, the rest of the cupcake was gorgeous and supremely tasty. And not even that hard. If I make them again in the future, I'll be sure to post foodie shots of the completed project. We were a little too busy scarfing them to bother with cupcake beauty shots.

We also ventured outside in the relatively warm weather to help G&C try out their new XC skis. After a few minutes of skiing, Lili declared that we must make a snowman taller than Casey. It was a group effort accomplished:

Unfortunately, "giant snowman succumbed to the warm weather overnight", as reported by Keith from his morning bike ride to work. He was jolly while he lasted!


gina said...

What fun! Just so you know, I will happily volunteer my taste-testing and food-modeling skills for any future recipes...

On a separate note, we were looking through our photos last night and noticed some great ones that were taken (by you and/or Keith?) in the field when we were skiing. Thanks!!

Ruthie said...

I love Lili's pose here. Can we say, America's Next Top Model? =)

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