Thursday, December 31, 2009

Forget the Baby Whisperer...

Zantac is where it's at!

Turns out it seems Mira's "issues" are stemming primarily from her acid reflux. She's been struggling with nursing for a few days, and the problem really escalated Tuesday into Wednesday. She just wouldn't nurse. She'd scream as soon as I laid her on my lap to start nursing. It was beyond frustrating and worrying. She napped better on Wednesday, but still struggled with every feeding. I was getting so worried that she was developing an aversion to nursing, and that we'd have to give it up. More than that, nursing should be a pleasant, positive experience for both me and her, and it just wasn't.

So I desperately called 2 lactation consultants, and the pediatrician. One discussion with the consultant, and one visit to the pediatrician later... Mira's reflux medication got increased by 50%. Seemed like a lot, but we'll give it a try!

Lo and behold... She nurses with ease, and is sleeping like a champ. Oh, the wonders of medication. *Sigh* of relief from me!

But can you imagine? Her whole life, she's been in so much pain she can't sleep or eat properly. That breaks my heart.


Scott S said...

Good that it's working! We asked our pediatrician about the possibility early on, but AX didn't present the same way (no spit up, no problem generally being horizontal). One of A's friends' first was on a similar prescription until m6 or thereabouts. Remember that pain is relative, though... to us it would be discomfort, but she has nothing to compare to yet...

Rachel said...

Hey I starved Q for 2months of his life and he's a happy well adjusted boy. She'll be fine. So glad you got it figured out.

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