Monday, December 28, 2009

Don't Pass me by!

We're just now back home from a Christmas trip down to NYC/LI for a nice family time. We go down that way roughly twice a year, and every time we go, we get stuck in trrraaafffffiiiiiiccccc. It sucks. It helps remind us why we live in the "country". And when we get in that "Cash Only" line at the toll booths, we stare longingly at the EZPass lanes, with the cars zipping through while we suffer with screaming kids in the backseat....

Not this year!!! Keith had the brilliant idea of stopping at the EZPass service center in Albany and we left the proud owners of THREE EZPass tags (one for each of us, and one a present for my ma). Thruway tolls? A breeze. George Washington Bridge, well bring it on! And the Garden State Parkway? Best of ALL: EZPass at 65mph! Gotta love that express lane. I don't know how we lived without it before, but it was the highlight of this trip! (No offense to the family, of course).

To quote my mom: "I loved it so much, I wished there were more toll booths"


Sue said...

It's about time. Now you are in the nose thumbers club.

Susan Lisker said...

Be careful not to speed through the EZ Pass lane. I did and my pass was revoked for one month.

aws said...

Every time we take a road trip we ask ourselves, "why haven't we bought the EZ pass yet?" I'm glad Keith has his wits about him and got one for you all. We always forget. Always, always always.

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