Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day one with the Baby Whisperer

Mira turned 7 weeks old this past Friday. Up until that day, we were rolling with it pretty well. She would have one good nap in the car seat (due to 3 year old activities in the morning) and we'd get by the afternoon, usually with her napping on me. Not ideal, but not too bad.

Nighttime was, in general, a blessing. Mira might struggle to go to bed, but she'd sleep a good 4-5 hours and then nurse, diaper, and nurse back to bed for another 3-4. Of course, I'm talking a week's worth of data on that, but still. It seemed like we were having a trend, a pattern, dare I say, a schedule.

Then, it hit. I don't know what. A growth spurt, a cognitive development, who knows? All of a sudden, she's nursing erratically and screaming a LOT. Not sleeping well, not happy. No idea what to do.

So, a mom friend loans me "The Baby Whisperer" (a book). I have had a very strong "read no parenting books" motto since Lili was born. But I was desperate (am desperate). I need sleep. I need sanity. I need.... patience. So I've skimmed the book this morning, between screaming and crying (ummmm both of us), and successfully got Mira to nap in her own bed (with much patting and reassuring at the wakeful/restless/fussy stages of the nap) going on 2 hours now.

We'll keep working on it. I know it's a work in progress. I'm creating a mantra: patience. love. care. observe. boundaries. reassurance. patience.

Oh, and what I've learned so far? Mira is a mostly "touchy baby", and a little bit of a "spirited baby". Meaning? She's easily overstimulated. Easily overtired. Needs a LOT of reassurance. And goes from 0-100 very quickly.


V said...

Ahh...you can do it June! Ganbatte!

Maybe Mira will give you a nice present for the holidays and be quiet for your Christmas travels =)

eyeheartorange said...

Hang in there! I have no advice but send happy thoughts :)

Ian and Vanessa said...

Someone gave us a copy of that book and I found it to be very helpful. Hope things continue to get better for you guys!

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